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Never be Confused over Fly lines Again!

Of all the innovations linked to fly fishing over the past 20 years, changes in fly lines and fly line design has brought the biggest benefit to fly angler than any other single innovation.

Rods have and continue to be reinvented but when I compare today's lines to those, we had available to us in the marketplace during the 70s, 80s and most of the 90s, it really is black and white.

Full length lines are now outdated and with them the requirement for anglers to learn to cast perfectly. For the past 20 years, short head lines, lines with a head length of anything between 2.5 and 4 times the length of the rod being used are commonplace.

There are certain aspects of a fly line that make it good, bad, or indifferent, and irrespective of how short, there are physical attributes that must be adhered to if it's going to work well when being cast with a flexible fly rod.

I remember cutting up my first fly line and gluing parts of another two lines to give me a shape, which, because of my interest in physics, I knew would be good when attached to the other. From this came the concept of the Carron Jetstream, often quoted as being the best Spey line, and the blueprint followed for all the best Spey lines after. Since then, I have been lucky enough to work with various manufacturers, but more important, people, developing some amazing products, some of which "no one" except me has ever cast. Its Never good to give away all your secrets!

Cadence FLy Lines
Cadence Colour Coded Lines

Over the past 2 years I have developed a range of fly lines with features no other fly lines have. Our range of Cadence Ian Gordon Spey lines are the best I have ever designed and are being very well received on the riverbank. People often say to me, all this tackle design, it must be like re-inventing the wheel!? One look at all the new lines will let you see that this is not the case. True innovation is the marriage of passion and knowledge. Those products reflect that in every way.

Those lines have been developed to complement the range of Cadence ian Gordon rods I have developed over the past 3 years and are the first in a range that will grow. We are working on new lines to add to the range, expanding the programme to provide anglers with the best at affordable prices.

The Microspey Range all have integrated running line with head lengths of 30 - 36 feet. All are colour coded so they are very easy to identify on a spool and complement our short Microspey rods, they will also cast really well on most switch and rods up to 13 foot -

3/4 = 14g 30' Head

4/5 = 17g @ 30' Head

5/6 = 20g @ 30' Head

6/7 = 23g @ 32' Head

7/8 = 26g @ 34' Head

8/9 = 29g @ 36' Head

All of the above lines are £49.99

Shooting Heads have been developed to complement our range of Double Handed Rods.

7/8 = 32g @ 39' Head

8/9 = 35g @ 40' Head

9/10 = 38g @ 41' Head

10/11 = 41g @ 42' Head

All of the above lines are £49.99

Our Spey lines have been developed with a modern twist. Both those and all of the lines above have high quality welded loops on both ends and are designed to deal perfectly with our range of polytips

7/8 = 36g @ 48' Head

8/9 = 40g @ 52' Head

9/10 = 44g @ 56' Head

10/11 = 50g @ 60' Head

Spey Lines all cost £74.99

Colour Coding - All lines are colour coded, so every line, no matter if a shooting head Microspey or Spey Line are the following colour

3/4 = Grey

4/5 = Pink

5/6 = Yellow

6/7 = Red

7/8 = White

8/9 = Orange

9/10 = Blue

10/11 = Green

For a full and in depth look at all the key features have a look here -

Or to Look at the lines more closely -

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