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Salt Water Fly Fishing

Fishermans Lodge Ascension Bay Mexico

Lunch on the flats
Hosted Trip 2024

For those looking for a change to fishing for salmon, or possibly just a nice start to your fishing year and fancy a shot at Salt Water Flyfishing.
Having spent the most fantastic at the wonderful Fishermans Lodge at Ascension Bay in Mexico we have decided to open this up to some of our customers by hosting a week in 2nd - 9th November 2024.
Fly fishing for saltwater species in Accession Bay, Mexico during November can be a great experience. Accession Bay is known for its diverse marine life and offers excellent opportunities for fly fishing. 


Salt Water fly fishing is generally done with a single handed rods, however, during my recent trip there I saw lots of opportunities for those more used to fishing double handed rods and lines. I plan to develop some of those in the near future. The main issue with people not using double handed rods was nothing other than people not being able to use them off both shoulders. I know for a fact salmon fishermen will enjoy this experience.

Target Species

For me it wasn't just the beautiful warm conditions but, as a salmon fisherman, the fact that generally you have lots of action with Bone Fish, Snook, Tarpon and Permit.  
The target species will be primarily bones and snook, with some opportunities for baby tarpon and permit. 
For bonefish, an average day is 6-10 sight-fished bones. Blind-casting in deeper water for bones can result in 20+ bonefish days. There are often jacks and snapper mixed among the bonefish as well. 
Snook fishing goes along with the baby tarpon fishing and is mostly back in the mangrove channels and lagoons. An average day would be catching 2-3 snook or baby tarpon a day. Depending on conditions, we can fish baby tarpon and snook out on the beaches and this can be much more productive.
Permit fishing can be great in November. Those are a very difficult and challenging fish to catch hence are seen as being a great target species for seasoned fishermen and women.  

Some of the popular saltwater species you can target while fly fishing in Accession Bay during January include: 
1. Bonefish: Accession Bay is known for its healthy bonefish population. These elusive and powerful fish can be found in the shallow flats and are a favorite target for fly anglers. They provide exciting fights and are known for their speed and agility. 
2. Snook: Snook are abundant in Accession Bay and can be targeted year-round. These aggressive predators can be found near mangroves, rocky shorelines, and other structure. They are known for their explosive strikes and strong fights. 
3. Tarpon: Tarpon are another popular species to target in Accession Bay. These acrobatic fish can grow to impressive sizes and provide thrilling jumps and runs. November is a good time to target tarpon, which can be found in the mangrove-lined channels and estuaries. 

 4. Permit: Permit fishing in Accession Bay can be challenging but rewarding. These fish are known for their wariness and selective feeding habits. However, if you manage to hook one, it will put your skills to the test with its powerful runs and stubborn resistance. 

5. Barracuda: Barracuda are one of the most aggressive predators on the flats. The come from nowhere and will attack smaller fish. Those must be fished for with a seperate rod rigged with a wire trace and can be great fun to fish for. 
Overall, fly fishing for saltwater species in Accession Bay during November can be a memorable experience, with plenty of opportunities to target a variety of exciting fish species. 

November Weather Conditions

During November, the weather in Accession Bay is cooling from the extreme summer temperatures, generally warm and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to Mid 80s Fahrenheit (mid-20s to high 20s Celsius). This makes it an ideal time to target various saltwater species that inhabit the bay. November fishing on the flats is all about weather, a bit like Salmon fishing, conditions need to be favourable [Bright with High Pressure] for the best of fishing. Most of the time the weather on the winter weather Ascension Bay is very good for fishing. However, from time to time autumn can see a cold front in Central America spoil conditions the flats. That said, the air remains warm and those conditions wont last long, as quick as it arrived this will disappear again with the return of southeasterly trade winds . Every type of fly-fishing I know is a balance between good conditions and rested water. Fewer anglers big permit and Bonefish, not to mention spending a week in a beautiful tropical paradise is always nice to look forward to. 

The Lodge  

The Lodge fishes up to 12 rods with 2 rods sharing both rooms and boats. Single rooms and boats can be arranged at a surcharge. The trip really suits 2 pals sharing both room and boat. See pre trip planner at the bottom of the page. 
Lodge rooms are comfortable with two comfortable double beds which are made up by maids each day. 
This is full board price with drinks and food included in the price. 

Price and travel

The price of the trip will come in around £3800 based on two rods sharing both boat and room and todays  Dollar exchange rate. 
Flights from Gatwick come in at around £5-600 for an economy ticket. Please contact me for Availability and more information. 

Read about my recent trip to Fishermans Lodge here -

See Pre Trip Information PDF at the bottom of the page.
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