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Ian Gordon - Cadence
Salmon rods, reels and lines

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“For me, it’s about bringing together my understanding of the rhythm and mechanics of a perfect fly cast and designing a range of products that deliver the best experience, quality and value in an ethical and sustainable way”

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The pursuit of perfection

 Cadence is the rhythmic flow of music, in sport is about achieving the perfect flow
within any cycle of movement.
So it is with fly-casting, where cadence is achieved when the rod loads and unloads perfectly whilst introducing directional change into the line.

Only then can we say, the cast has perfect Cadence 

Giving Back

The Cadence promise of ‘giving back’ to fishing communities, clubs and schools, is one of the key things that attracted me to the brand

Quality & Value

I never compromise on quality and through the Cadence business model we aim to achieve fantastic value for our customers

For Life

Ian Gordon Cadence has a reputation for fantastic customer service and each rod comes with a genuine no nonsense guarantee.  

The Cadence Range
Cadence Rods and Whisky

The Ian Gordon Cadence Range
Available now from Cadence Fly

The Cadence Concept

Bringing over 40 years hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the range of ability and potential that fly fishers
have across the world, I have designed the Cadence - Ian Gordon range to offer everyone a solution
to match their specific needs and fishing circumstances.

I am now recruiting a selection of keen instructors, guides and enthusiasts across the UK, Norway, Iceland and Ireland to join with me as part of the Cadence team, to work with schools and youngsters to motivate and support our
next generations of fly-fishing enthusiasts. If you are interested and want to find out more, contact me directly for more information and to arrange an informal discussion -

Go Fishing, Give Back! 

Cadence Rods

Cadence Rods

Our full range covers the most popular sizes and actions of double-handed rods required by salmon and trout anglers.  Interchangeable sections for each rod size provides us with the ability to change the action of the rod to suit,
not only the casting technique but fishing applications of the individual fisherman,
because as we know, one size doesn’t fit all. 

Our high-quality blanks are constructed from the highest quality contemporary carbon technology and materials,
ensuring rods are lightweight, slim, and strong.  

The bespoke nature of the rods includes a choice of handles, with all rods being offered in traditional cork
or a slim, traditional style EVA handle.  

We offer various rod packaging options such as a Cordura tube, leather tube through to
a bespoke fitted case. We use of the highest quality materials and components including AAA cork, Fuji guides,
Alps reel seats - the finish is simply stunning!

For more details and to buy Cadence Products - Click the link below to head to the Cadence Fly Fishing Site 

Cadence Fly


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