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Improvers Casting Courses

Treat Yourself to a real chance of catching a salmon 

Improvers course on the River Spey with Ian Gordon 2024

Easter Elchies  River Spey

A beautiful Spring Salmon From Easter Elchies in March





I host a series of 3-day Improvers fishing and casting courses during the spring months on two of the most exclusive private beat on the River Spey, Easter Elchies . Easter Elchies has a warm comfortable fishing hut with good cooking facilities and a drying room for jackets and waders at night. It also have a fully functional flushing toilet.

Easter Elchies is also on of the premier beat on the River Spey for spring Salmon, it has a full-time ghillie who will help during your course with us. Riverbanks are tidy and well maintained which keep us safe and make casting easy and straightforward.


The 3-day Fishing/Casting course will be for between 4 and 6 people and booked on a first-come-first-served basis.


As this is course focuses on both "fishing" and casting, I pick the course venue based on where I feel we have the best chance of catching a salmon as well as learning.

Dates for 2024 Improvers Courses 


Easter Elchies 

4th - 6th  March - Rods Available Now 

7th - 9th March - Rods Available Now

The Course 

This course is aimed at people who have fished for some time and feel they are not getting the best from their equipment, knowledge or fishing in general. 


This improvers course focuses very much on the individual and fishing as well as casting. We also introduce sinking lines at this stage.


• Single Spey Cast with Sink Tip.
• Double Spey Cast.
• Circle C
• Snake Roll
No matter how experienced, this course is designed to focus on casting and fishing, utilising Ian’s wide knowledge of both and covering tactics that will make you a better Salmon and Sea Trout Angler as well as a proficient caster. 

• Casting off the opposite shoulder - Why?
• The principles of casting with sunk lines and sink tips. Tactics - Why?
• Teaching you to Fault Find.
• How to fish a typical pool with the floating line.
• Lunch at the hut.
• Hooking, Playing, and Landing fish – The theory!
• Instruction and practice followed by a couple of hours of actual fishing in order to be able to relax and practice the techniques learned during the day.
• Knots, How to tie flies and leaders.

• Those Casting and Fishing courses include casting/fishing/tackle theory with questions and answers. Although light-hearted, those sessions I find invaluable in the overall development of individual understanding.


The bespoke fishing packages are designed to suit individual requirements and expectations.


Any prices quoted do not include accommodation. 

Contact Me Here 


Spring Salmon River Spey

An Spring Salmon from Easter Elchies during our Spring Course

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