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I have seen a lot of highly proficient casters over the years, but I can honestly say none of them came up to your standard in my opinion”. Chris Dickinson [England]

Fishing with IAN GORDON is something  more than fishing.  It is trying to cast how he casts, he wants you to get close to him. Fishing with IAN doesn`t mean fishing with the MASTER in his class. Fishing with IAN means fishing with a FRIEND. To me fishing with IAN is one of the best treasures Scotland is offering.

Herman Zwizler [Germany]

Its been five years since we first met at Caste Gordon on your Casting Course, and we have certainly come on a long way since then, its quite incredible to think back, Brett and I were complete novices and within a few days we were Spey casting and catching “Salmo salar” the leaper, the king of fish.


I would just like to say that it has been a pleasure to spend time with you on the river, I think we have now shared two courses and six hosted trips to Scotland and Norway, and for me they have been the most memorable, you have been a great Teacher and Host you have always made it Fun, you have taught us to cast and continue to do so but perhaps more importantly you have honed our ability to catch fish, we have learnt to fish to the river conditions and the various tactics to use to be successful, from the line and tip choice, the Fly size, the colour of the Leader it has all lead to Landing Fish.


I would like to thank you for all that you have done for us, we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Craig Richings

Hi Ian,
Just wanted to thanks you as well as Roddy, the ghillie, for the excellent time passed at Tulchan. I really enjoyed the course, appreciated your kindness, your personal tutorial and the discussions. This was a really a good course that helped me to understand my mistake and improve my casting.
The lodge was really nice too and well managed. I appreciated my time on Beat B and hope to test another Beat at Tulchan soon.
I will come back later this year with my wife Nathalie. With your level of knowledge and experience, I am quite sure that she will be fishing soon much better than me ……
Again, thanks for the 3 excellent days spent and time allocated to me.

Pierre Tamborini

Ian can I personally thank you for a great 3 days last week at Tulchan D. Like the reviewer above reviewer I too can’t speak highly enough of your tuition skills – perhaps more than than that your analytical skills in pinpointing errors coupled with your patience while observing my slowish rate of correction!! Can’t wait to get back on the river. The introduction of “fishing skills” too was most welcome and we agreed that while good accurate and consistent casting was itself gratifying – it was still a means to and end – caching the increasing elusive Fish. Many thanks too to young Phillip – himself a fine caster, gracious commentator and charming companion.
I’ll be back!!

Hamish Alexander

I found your two speycasting lessons totally invaluable. With your expert tuition I was able to speycast better than I have ever managed before. I was using a 68 foot multi-tip speyhead and found I could easily handle the length and regularly achieve 100 foot casts. Now I know that distance is absolutely nothing to professionals like yourself but when I consider I could barely manage 50 foot casts before your two lessons I have to give you my deepest thanks for enabling me to cover twice the distance I could previously. It made all the difference to my trip on a big Russian river and of course I covered fish I would not have got near to previously. 
The proof of the pudding is that I landed an above lodge average of 18 fish for my week, mainly about 15 pound each and a personal best fish of 27 pounds on one of my longer casts. Very importantly I found I could handle the big 16 foot rod all day without being tired or strained in any way. 
I would recommend that all but the most accomplished casters seek a professional lesson with yourself before setting off on a salmon trip to a big overseas river. It is such a small price to pay compared with the cost of such a trip and makes ones enjoyment and success so much the better. 

Thank you very much indeed Ian.

Warm regards 
Dr Andre Jackowski.

Hello Ian,

It has been a pleasure and privilege to spend time with you perfecting my speycasting on the banks of the beautiful river spey.  

"Your greatest asset is in a perfect knowledge of Speycasting and over all the ability to teach it". 


"Unquestionably Number 1"

Jean Chevalier



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