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Fancy Some Really Sought-after, one off fishing on the Spey in June?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

For me, the river Spey in the month of June offers the best fishing and is just the nicest time of year to be on the river.

Spring is moving rapidly into summer, we have nice long days, and Salmon, Sea Trout and Grilse are congregating in good numbers in those beats with nice holding pools.

For anyone wishing to visit the Spey, if you can do it, this is the time to be here. Whether your passion is Salmon, Sea Trout or Grilse fishing, June offers the best of all. Almost every fish is fresh and, given normal water conditions, can be caught using a floating line.

The Middle and upper river offer the best opportunity to fish for everything mentioned above and we have two of the best places. Those two slots below are my personal fishing and have become available because this year because I will be fishing on the Alta River in Norway that week.

Polwick A salmon pool on the river Spey
The Tail of Polwick Castle Grant 3

As a special, one off, from the 22nd – 24th June, I have 3 days fishing on Castle grant Number 3 Beat. This is noted as one of the most productive Sea Trout beats and catches its fair share of salmon too. The Beat has a full time Ghillie, one of the most experienced on the river and will bend over backwards to help his guests. The beat has both banks and is around a mile long. Pol Wick, is noted as being one of the best Sea Trout pools on the whole river but is also one of the best in the area for salmon. This is a 4 rod beat at this time. Access is particularly good with car access to each pool of required. The far side of the beat is accessed by boat. Fishing is with fly only and to be honest, the evenings at this time can be so beautiful.

Polwick a Salmon pool on the RIver Spey
Fishing the neck of Polwick

All my fishing is normally sold within my list of contacts but because of why I won't use this myself in 2023 I have decided to give others a chance to book this incredible fishing.

I still have a few places available on my hosted weeks in July on the Blanda in Iceland. For more details of those simply type a short message in the box by clicking the link below.

I also have some fishing available on the Craigellachie water on the 29th June - 1st July. This is for up to 8 rods fishing. Please contact me below for further details.

Offers can be made to me for this fishing by email at – Please join my mailing list for future offers

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