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Join us on the Gaula River in Norway

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

After another successful trip to the Gaula River in Norway this June, we are now planning another trip on week commencing 13th 20th June 2020.

For anyone looking for that fish of a lifetime and fishing, or want to experience salmon fishing in Norway. Want to have fun whilst learning more about salmon fishing.

This is the more interesting trip we have put together yet and provide those fishing, not only with a great range of pools, something not normal when fishing in Norway, but a very good chance of that fish of a lifetime.

My 4 trips to the Gaula River have produced six of the largest salmon I have seen in a lifetime of salmon fishing and I'm sure, given half decent conditions, we will see more 30 pound fish during our 2020 visit. 

Richard Meigh with his superb fish at Gaula Fyfishing Lodge in June 2019

The average weight of fish caught during our weeks have been 18lbs. Unlike fishing above the Gullfoss later in the year, when fish are of a similar size to that of the Spey or Tay during May, with an odd big one, this week is about a good chance of hooking, and landing, a proper fish of a lifetime. 

Another feature of our week here is our guiding service. 8 rods share the full-time services of both Tom and myself, ensuring you will be provided with the best advice on both casting and fishing. 

We fish the two beats with less than the allocated number of rod, something I know improves the chances of those coming on the trip. 

The beats are situated, one, just above and the other 10K below, a famous waterfall called Gaulfoss. A natural temperature barrier which no fish will ascend until both height and temperature are right, Goulfoss is the main feature on the river Gaula and can be seen here. 

The Gaulfossen in very low conditions last July

Water height must be below 140 cubic meters per second and a temperature of 9oC. This figure usually comes around the middle of June allowing the first, and normally largest salmon through. In 2016 due to a late spring, this did not happen until the last days of June whilst in 2018 fish ascended the falls in early June. Gaula Fly Fishing Lodge has some of the best variation of pools you will find on any part of the Gaula. Nedre Kasen is more compact with two large holding pools. Having the two beats, one above, the other below, at this time, provides an insurance policy should the fish be above, or below the Foss. In essence we are covering the bases. 

Wading and access to pools on both beats, for the most, is not overly difficult, its mainly shingle/gravel bottom with not too many big rocks. Felt soled with studs wading shoes are perfect. Those generally fine on their feet will find access and wading fairly straightforward. 

Enjoying a midnight snack on GFFFL

Fishing itself is very easy with 30 yards of line being the upper range required to cover most pools. Sinking tips are very popular, as are multi density lines. Most of the large fish I have seen caught here have been when fishing sink tip lines. This time of the year will require large flies and the ability to fish sinking lines. However, Tom and I are there to help with this and will ensure no one is handicapped. 

Both Tam and I have good experience of the beat and, on the Gaula Lodge Beat, will drive you to the pools after making a plan for eating and sleeping depending on the rota. Fishing on Kasen is so close to the house it is easy to walk and should anyone fancy a cast early this place is perfect. This fishing is very relaxed and in the part of the river which normally accounts for most large salmon at this time. The river is wide and suits high snow melt water on our side, although, on alternate days we have both banks. 

Accommodation I would describe as very typically Norwegian, a 3-bedroom small farm house, see here - 

Our package is on a self-catering basis – I will prepare a continental breakfast each morning around 8am, we will serve lunch at the riverbank around 1pm [Again, informal and depending on the fishing]. Dinner is served either on the river bank [Barbeque and drinks] or in the dining room of the house depending on weather. 

For those who like to try their hand with a Spinner, this is an option here too. 

Fishing begins on Saturday on both beats. We fish one until Tuesday evening before swapping.

Fishing begins on Saturday on both beats. We fish one until Tuesday evening before swapping.

Gaula Fly-Fishing Lodge [GFFL] Click to view Accommodation

This lodge has a much bigger range of pools fished on a rota basis changing every 6 hours. Some rotations are shorter than others and many rods will adjust their sleeping around the pools they are scheduled to fish. This is Norway at almost midsummers day, we have 24 -hour daylight so it’s important to find sleeping time. 

The house has good self-catering cooking facilities and again, we can barbecue by the river if suitable. 

One of the pools directly beow the Gaulfoss on GFFL

Our Package includes all of the above and also transfers to and from Trondheim airport, a trip which takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes but excludes flight to and from the UK or Mainland Europe. Car hire is expensive in Norway and we believe the whole of this package offers our guests an experience that is second to none. If you are a group of 2, 3 or 4 friends this would suit you perfectly. Food is not part of the package and will be purchased in the supermarket on arrival. The bill will be split between the group. 

Please note - This trip is suited ideally a group of friends or people who know one another. Accommodation is in shared rooms.

Please feel free to get in touch should you be interested in fishing with us during this or any other week in Norway.  Click here for 2 minute Norway video.

For more details of this and all our other fishing trips or casting instruction, visit my website email me at or Call me on 07786120436 

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