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Don’t Look Up! Or back! Onward and upward in 2022!

I am sure I will not be the only one to have really enjoyed this movie over the Christmas period. I for one really liked the film and found parallels between the main character and plot to that of my own over the past 30 years. I have to say it did bring a smile to my face.

Salmon Caught on a Cane Fishing Rod
Spey Salmon

Through the 1990s I tried so hard to make people aware of the decline of salmon, only to be told by everyone with the power to do something about it, “in fact’ nothing was wrong, all was fine. I was scaremongering and my view “anecdotal”! In the past this really frustrated me but now each time I hear the latest tale of woe regarding the king of fish I find myself say, told you, but you would not listen. The film is carbon copy, people with their own agendas failing to see the wood for the trees until, of course, it too late.

Playing a Salmon on Greenheart Rod
Playing a Salmon on Greenheart Rod

Now I am that bit older I find myself not overly concerned about any of it, as its all way to negative and those agenda driven individuals are still there running around in circles. Instead, I now like to focus on what can be achieved with what we have. Working out the best fishing solutions for my clients.

Whilst the lack of salmon brings with it all sorts of problems, especially to those rooted in one business model, to those of us more mobile and open minded, the lack of salmon simply provides different opportunities. I’ve personally never been as busy as I am in 2022, looking at my job sheet I cannot put in one more hosted trip or block of tuition. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who have re-booked, as well as those who have booked for the first time. Our trip to Norway is now fully booked and after two years of frustration I have my fingers crossed we will finally get back to Gaula. I’m sure this will be an enormous success and we will have a lot of fun on this amazing river.

Except for 1 rod, Iceland too is full. Having got here last year we are looking forward to an extended period that will see us hosting 32 customers over 16 days in July on the Blanda river, more than half of those new ones. I know that the whole team is looking forward to this and personally I cannot wait. I know this is going to be great fun.

Salmon Fishing at arndilly on the River Spey
Playing a salmon at Arndilly

Tuition is 100% full now too. We have some nice groups coming to Macallan, Easter Elchies, Arndilly, Lower Pitchroy and Tulchan. Demand is such that I am already taking booking for 2023 and will add Castle Grant to this too.

The year gets kicked off with a nice, hosted week 21st - 27th Feb, on the Lovely Arndilly. I really look forward to this week and this year, after the 2020 cancellation, even more so. We have another two weeks here later in the season too.

Please let me know if you are interested in any fishing or tuition in 2023? Contact me here.

A raft of adult sea lice on a small salmon
Sea Lice on Salmon

Sunday [9th Jan] sees me travelling down to Birmingham to provide some tuition for a couple of clients heading to Patagonia. On the evening of Monday, the 10th I will make a presentation covering all the things we do, our various fishing destinations, venues, and courses, at The Tiltyard Pub in Kenilworth. I will also be talking about the new Cadence rods and will take an informal and light- hearted questions and answers. Tuesday 11th and Wednesday morning will see me demonstrating the cadence rods at Packingham. For anyone staying nearby and would like to come along to any of those events, please contact me here or James Robbins on -

If this venue is too far away, we will be doing similar things in various parts of the country, place keep an eye on the cadence facebook page or my own page.

Looking forward to seeing you.

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It was "anecdotal" then, Ian, now you`d be called a conspiracy theorist

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