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Cadence Ian Gordon Rods Open for Business

It has been a long time in planning, testing, and getting everything in place but we are finally there with the new rods and reels.

I had so many reasons for moving on and joining forces with Stevie Munn James Robbins to develop the Cadence game brand, but none more than understanding the true value of team play.

Collaborations, whether between distinct brands or people is about team play, working hard and pulling together for the greater good of everyone involved, focusing on the goal, aim or objective. My time working for Partridge taught me this and the next 14 years at Hardy, in many ways, reinforced that valuable lesson.

Ian Gordon Cadence Rods
Cadence Micro Spey Rods

Now back working with some of my old friends from the Partridge days, I am more than excited about the new Cadence, Ian Gordon, and Stevie Munn products. Along with James Robbins and everyone in the background, we have a team of people who are simply fly-fishers, genuine people with a lifelong experience of developing the best and most innovative products. People who simply want to fish, go fishing, have fun, and be associated with those sharing the same values. Our company slogan – Go Fishing Give Back, is not about providing youngsters with equipment, it is about our experienced team sharing knowledge, fun and a genuine love of the sport and its future.

Cadence open day in France
Cadence Open Day

To feel part of such a group with a passion for fly fishing, even at a time of declining salmon stocks, has left me with a personal appetite for the sport again. Having done only one work related overseas fishing trip in the past 15 years and seeing my passion for angling slowly erode, my association with Cadence has already seen me fishing on three different rivers with the

team and loved it. This and generosity of fishing friend, Andy Majerus, saw me fish in places like the Alta River and for massive Trout in Iceland, all of which restored my love my fishing again. Rekindling those relationships has awoken my enthusiasm for guiding and fishing myself. For the past 20 years I dreamt of saltwater fishing that never materialised. But now the Cadence team is making this a reality, we are already planning to develop this part of the brand and I plan to add this to my Speyonline destination portfolio. Predator fishing, and one-off bespoke Salmon Rods for those clients who want this service will all be available too. All this is now on the Horizon and at 58, soon to be 59 years old, I am excited about fishing and the tackle business again.

I feel so fortunate to now be around people who “share” the same values, love fishing, being by the river or lake, love a laugh, good company, drams, and stories. What could be better?

Not only have we taken knowledge gained through a few lifetimes of designing tackle, but a genuine interest in all our partners involved in providing us with those amazing products. The latest “Made in England,” click and pawl reel is something I am particularly happy, passionate, and proud of. This is a fantastic piece of kit crafted by one guy, who, not only made the reel, but every fitting, nut, and bolt. Those are being tested at the moment and will be available in the late summer. And all will be at a price affordable to the fishing customer. I mean how good is this.

Cadence at The Macallan
Cadence Macallan Distillery

Our Bespoke range of Salmon Rods are 3 years in the development, the concept of changing the action on the riverbank is both innovative and unique[See links below], providing the customer with something they have never had. A rod to suit them personally.

I also love the fact that, if required, my wife can make a rod bag to suit exactly the requirements of that person. Go Fishing Give Back! Its giving back to everyone involved.

Collaborations and partnerships form with people talking to one another, discussing how the group can be stronger than the individual. How we can all help one another, whether the reel maker, supplier of quality Japanese carbon, those making rods bags, the inspiration behind T Mesh. They are all part of the cog that makes the team function.

To find out more about our Cadence Fly Fishing Products just thump Cadence Fly Fishing into google or follow those links -

Stories are a massive part of fishing and this is a new chapter in my personal one.

For those looking to try those rods please feel free to come along to our open day at Tillburies on the River Dee on Saturday 11th June. We will have the full team there to assist and answer questions. Refreshments Supplied - How to get to Tillburies -

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1 Comment

May 08, 2022

Congratulations to you and all the team involved Ian!. I really look forward to getting my hands on one of your new rods this season. I've been a (distant) witness to the time, effort and passion you have put onto this project and I sincerely wish and believe you will make a great success of it. Tight lines all!

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