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One of the top Shooting Head Flylines

Having used the Greys Multi tip Shooting Head Salmon Flyline throughout 2016, including for some very big fish on the Alta river and in colder water conditions on the Kola Peninsula, I have to say, after much casting and fishing, they have proved to be both reliable and extremely practical.

The system is both simple and practical, in that, the range is available in both floating and intermediate bodies plus 3 different tips.

The floating line comes with a floating, Intermediate and fast sinking tip and the intermediate with an Intermediate, Slow and fast sinking tip.

The kit also includes a nice PVC coated running line.

All my fish this year have been caught using those lines and one of the best features, I believe, is their ability to deal with extra poly leaders when and if required. The reason I like this is, generally speaking and “personally”, I find shooting heads too short, which is why I like those with an extra 10 feet of polyleader, of any density added. This, not only adds extra length to the line making for a more comfortable “Speycast”, but also gives you a nicely balanced triple density capacity in what is a very good value for money line. The intermediate plus fast sink, plus extra fast sink T14 and 18 polyleader fished extremely well for me during a recent trip to the Ponoi river in Russia, this set up plus one of my “Swallow” flies accounting for 80% of my fish caught here.

They made fishing from the boat at the depths suggested by the guides extremely easy, and well, very successful.

The lines come in sizes 7/8, 8/9, 9/10 and10/11 with head lengths of 40” – 46’ respectively, so finding one for your river and rod of choice is pretty straight forward.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed using this product, found it incredibly easy to cast, turning over flies both large and small and covering a great many fishing scenarios. One thing I have heard said about multi tip lines in general is – “I don’t trust the loops” and “I hate the sound of the loops coming through the rings”!

I would answer this by saying – Having had a chance of a lifetime to fish on the Alta this summer, having access to the best equipment in the world, I’d only use something I was 100% confident in. So, having caught several fish of between 25 and 30lbs, all of which run as hard any fish I’ve played, I can put my hand on heart and say, had neither any fear or problems.

I’ll look forward to some positive feedback from those who try this line in 2017, I know it will be a winner and be a greatly liked line for sure.

Contact me here for more information on the Grey’s Multi Tip Shooting Line.

Greys Multi Tip Shooting Head Flyline

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