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Finally, I'm Writing My Book and Making another Film

A lovely day with friends on the river yesterday and a conversation with a certain estate factor yesterday, reinforced to me the need for me to get my book written and another film made.

With so much changing in the world of salmon fishing I believe I owe it to my friends, the salmon fishing community and wider public to tell the story of what's really happened here of the past 40 years. As a hint to part of the content, I’ve found this lovely little film on Steelhead fishing on the Olympic Peninsula - Times change and so need to attitudes.

Here in Scotland, and elsewhere, in the wild Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout, we have an amazing resource. However, as the only predator with the power to actually help, what have we given back to Salmo Salar? The answer is, we have let it down on a monumental scale. The answers are staring us in the face and have been for years. However, a lack of guts, foresight and genuine will to physically do something to help, quite simply, is non-existent. There will be those involved in its protection who will disagree, however, in their heart of hearts, they all know this to be the case. There are others who continue to exploit the resource in a negative way, whilst some of us understand the situation, managing what remains of the resource for the greater good of our community and the future of the fish themselves.

Salmon fishing has had an amazingly positive impact on my life, bringing me into contact with some of the most incredible people; I’ve always said salmon fishing takes out the best, and the worst in people. The latter tend to be very “serious” and more philosophical types of people which, thankfully, make up only around 5%. Interestingly, not dissimilar to society in general, the 5% tend to be loud, overly opinionated, and generally a pain in the arse. However, having studied that 5% for many years, I have a theory that they were actually a gift from god, and were put on the planet for the 95% to laugh at and tell stories about! There is so many funny stories to be told about the 95% too. Oh dear, now that the door has been opened, the genie escaped the bottle, I can see so much trouble, fun and home truths ahead!

This in mind, I’ll take some time out during 2019 and possibly 2020 to do this, so will have limited courses and hosted fishing. The courses will take place at Tulchan and Macallan in early spring and Tom, Chris and I will host 4 or 5 weeks of fishing in some of the most lovely places in Norway during July and August. I'm afraid there will be no hosted fishing on the Spey in 2019. Instead I'm looking to support the Dee, Deveron and Findhorn.

Regarding fishing shows - Other than the important ones I have as part of my roll for Hardy, so, Sportfish, The Gamefair and Glasgow Angling, and a couple I've just been asked to do in Iceland and Spain, I'll be doing no further events in 2019.

The book is important to me and will focus on my 35 years on the river, the people, colleagues, places, stories etc. Lots of fun and home truths. I've promised myself and friends this for many years and now I have the time I'll sit down and tell this fantastic story.

I have to say, without the help of Hardy and Pure Fishing, this would not be possible at this time and like many of those things, may never happen at all, so I'm for ever in debt to this company and those running it for their continued support and our great relationship. They are a real credit to an amazing industry...

Watch this space and remember to book early for hosted fishing and courses in 2019 – 20 as I'm already fixing my diary.

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