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Juvenile Salmon- Are there enough?

I've just came across this from 1994 in my computer. Lack of Juveniles Dear Sir,

As numbers of salmon and grilse returning to UK Rivers hit an all time low, I would like to highlight the apparent lack “Visually”, of juvenile fish in some of our major river systems. For many years now, Ghillies on both Tay and Spey have seen this as being a significant reason for the decline in adult fish returning to our rivers.  Juvenile Survey work on most rivers, relatively speaking, is still in its infancy, with very little data available for rivers prior to 1990. Data collected over the past five years is only relevant to that period, interestingly, the same period during which almost everyone working on the river, visually, have seen very few. Gone are the days when we used to see “rafts” of juvenile fish moving away from our feet as we entered the river to fish. Also gone are the “flying fish”, fish hooked by guests just as they made an overhead cast when the line came to the dangle.  The general scientific view is that most rivers are producing enough juveniles. If this is the case, were those “rafts” of the past, the surplus we once saw each day?  It is also generally accepted that there is a strong link between Parr and their position in the river when going the process of smolting and returning to be caught as adults in that particular area.  I’m truly concerned about this and feel our observations are being totally ignored by those new scientists.  Ian Gordon 1994

Andy Cowan With A 46 pound Alta Salmon. This is the most sought after salmon fishing in the world. Scotland needs to get back its mojo!!

So that was 23 years ago, yes 23 years, and frankly I'm sick of fighting this one. You can only say the same thing for so long and I think that 23 years is enough. Of course the above statement is right. We [Anglers] have been sold right down the river by bullshit. All the people who knew the above to be true then are totally sick too and the time has definitely come for action. My facebook post the previous one here should be enough for any "free thinker" know we have a massive problem. OK this problem has been brought about by ignorance, apathy and shite science, however, the time to point the finger is past, we now need action. 

This in mind, I was delighted to hear that "finally", after all those years of denial, the SFB Chairman and Biologist are at least contemplating heading over to the Ranga River in Iceland to see what they are up to and to try and work out why, during all those years of our fish disappearing at sea, somehow, miraculously, "their fish" seem to survive. 24 rods catching and average of 7500 salmon in 90 days of fishing ensures that this is one of the most profitable salmon fisheries in the world, and why? Because its run by people who actually know what it takes to do a job properly [And are not governed by a bunch of half wits in Edinburgh and Pitlochry]. Oh how I wish they would swap positions for a few years [No, for ever]. Our guys staying up there to collect data whilst their guys came down here and fixed the river. 

There is a groundswell of opinion in the angling world right now that Predators are the biggest problem we have. I’d have to agree with this. 

However, how can we get government to agree to a wide scale cull? Having collected the data over a number of years, they choose to do nothing with it. Playing at pretending to be interested, employing more and more data collectors, whilst ignoring the very simple piece of maths in the facebook piece above, and other "obvious" observations. No, this government will do nothing! Why? Because Salmon are not important to them. Hidden and chased only by an elitist group. The rivers owned by wealthy people hated by the Scottish Government. Their record on Fish Farming says it all. Even with all the evidence showing the damage this is doing to the environment and wild salmon stock, they plan to expand this filthy industry by double in the next 10 years. No, it suits them perfectly to have wealthy, politically unpopular people, owning our salmon rivers as they make very easy targets. And, do you think for one minute they will sanction the proper culling of predators required to return salmon as the key species? Not a chance!! 

So for me the time has come to to say, F*** Them and their followers.  Its time for the friends of Scottish salmon fishing to have their voice heard. The propaganda we hear about Salmon Fishing being elitist and the realm of the public School Boy is total garbage. I'm on the river all the time, organising holidays for so many people from all walks of life. The "business", worth £100 Million [But should and could be a Billion]to the Scottish economy is dying on its feet and all through ignorance, pride and a lack of belief.    

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