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My Best Opening Day Ever

Having been present at many River Spey opening days over the years, 2023 was the year I had the privilege of opening the river myself.

Asked by the board some time ago I really looked forward to this event and hopefully sharing it with friends and family.

To all the people who turned out to support both the river and my opening day, I want to say a very warm thank you. When making any such presentations It is always nice and reassuring to look out and see the faces of family and friends looking back.

Having organised and used early fishing to attract people to the Spey over the last 20 years, it was nice for me to have a quiet day fishing myself for a change. After spending a little time with the family and pushing my grandsons on the swings, because I had promised myself to do more fishing and less organising in my 60th year, I decided to take up a kind invitation to fish my old beat at Lower Pitchroy so finished my special day with an enjoyable day introducing Kobi to the river.

To say I had the most magical day, only for the second time since 1985, fishing the beat without the feeling of guilt that someone else could and should be fishing in front of me.

There was one regret, and that was my father wasn't here to see this. I know he would have been so proud. Having said that, I reckon he was, as I'm sure I'm looking more like him every day.

To the many people who read my last blog and had thought I am going to retire from hosting, fishing, and casting tuition both at home and abroad. I am not, in fact quite the contrary. I will be doing more but on a slightly different format and will now take an odd rod during those trips too. Groups will be smaller again too.

The opening of the river today reinforced my feeling that the time to look after myself a little more. There are many stories still to be told, much tuition still to give and lots of fish still to be caught.

Many thanks again to everyone who made the time to come and hear me talk about and understand more about my passion for the Spey and Salmon Fishing yesterday. Two of the best lines I heard after were -

  1. "Hurry up", "The Season Will be over before you get it started"! Brilliant. Thanks Malcolm.

  2. Get Ian back next year, so he can finish the speech he began this year! I love it.

Thank you again to the Spey Fishery Board for the kind invite.

For anyone looking for some casting tuition check out my new Resident Courses Page

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1 Comment

Feb 12, 2023

Time to chill Ian.

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