Alta Diary Final Days   Recently updated !

Alta Diary Final Days   Day 5   The most amazing night of my fishing life had come on day three of the trip, however, possibly not for scenery and sheer majesty of Steinfossen and the canyon, but for a taste and extreme helping of what Alta has to offer, […]


Its midnight, 23 degrees, and we're off to catch a salmon.

Alta Diary 2 1

Day 3   What will it bring? Tonight we’re in Steinfossen, a beautiful pool just below the main gorge and the Sautso beat. The most awe inspiring place on this river has got to be Steinfossen; the majesty of raw earth with its 200 foot waterfalls and perhaps 1000 ft […]

Alta Diary 1   Recently updated !

Alta Diary 1   Having dreamed about fishing the Alta river, where the average size of salmon caught is 22lbs and fish of 30lbs or more are caught on a regular basis, as the date of my trip approached I could hardly contain my excitement. Salmon fishing in all its shapes […]

Andy Majerus  casting toward a beautiful Alta skyline at 1am.

A great Group Enjoying Good times in the fishing hut on Kroken

Winsnes Trip River Gaula 2016

Winsnes River Gaula  2016   After the most incredible salmon fishing experience of my life, a week’s fishing with a friend on the wonderful Alta river in the north of Norway and a brief stopover with another pal, John Olav Oldren on the beautiful Verdal river and lovely stay at the […]

Salmon Fishers Psychology

Salmon Fishers Psychology As Salmon anglers, we always want to try have give ourselves an edge prior to visiting our favourite fishing beat, be it finding out water and weather conditions, which lines, flies or lures, or indeed, what fishery, we always look to try and increase our chances. Over […]