Greys Multi Tip Shooting Head 3

Greys Multi Tip Shooting Head   Having used those throughout 2016, including for some very big fish on the Alta river and in colder water conditions on the Kola Peninsula, I have to say, after much casting and fishing, they have proved to be both reliable and extremely practical. The […]

Hardy Perfect

Ponoi Russia

Salmon Fishing Heaven 5

Ryabaga on the Ponoi River The Worlds Best Salmon Fishery!? The best salmon fisheries I know have one thing in common, and that is, they remain relatively undisturbed by man. From the early days of salmon fishing in Scotland where access to your favourite fishery, perhaps, was by train, pony, […]

Tackle For Big Salmon

Tackle for bigĀ Salmon What Tackle Would you use to catch the fish of a Lifetime.   The end of June 2016 saw me ticking box number one on my rivers to fish before I die list. The river Alta in northern Norway was right up there as the A1 destination, […]

Trilene 20lb. Great for big fish.


Alta Diary Final Days 1

Alta Diary Final Days   Day 5   The most amazing night of my fishing life had come on day three of the trip, however, possibly not for scenery and sheer majesty of Steinfossen and the canyon, but for a taste and extreme helping of what Alta has to offer, […]

Alta Diary 2 1

Day 3   What will it bring? Tonight we’re in Steinfossen, a beautiful pool just below the main gorge and the Sautso beat. The most awe inspiring place on this river has got to be Steinfossen; the majesty of raw earth with its 200 foot waterfalls and perhaps 1000 ft […]

Its midnight, 23 degrees, and we're off to catch a salmon.