Scottish Salmon Where and When   Recently updated !

Where and when to fish for salmon in Scotland? Generalising about anything relating to salmon fishing isn’t the wisest thing to do. Main reason; there’s never two seasons the same and the time at which salmon run back to various rivers is governed by so many different factors. However, for […]

20lb Spey Salmon

Intruder Flies

Intruder Flies for Atlantic Salmon The first Intruder fly I saw was given to me by a friend of mine Tyler Kushner,from Canada. Used predominantly for Steelhead fishing, Tyler, along with his steelhead mates, had used this for some time, and with much success. On this side of the Atlantic, […]

Salmon Fishing River Spey

Salmon Fishing River Spey Scotland is one of the worlds leading destinations for salmon fishing. Its long history has led to a culture stretching far beyond simply fishing for and catching salmon. The people involved, here on the river Spey  (Ghillies), often 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generation, can be […]

Fish Caught on Gordon Castle

Salmon Fishing Scotland

Salmon Fishing Scotland A nice wee film about what Scotland once had to offer. This film was made by Published on Mar 21, 2015 Thank you all for your support, the ad revenue from Youtube helps me to purchase new films and continue with the transfers and uploads. Please continue […]

Salmon Leader Colour 2

Salmon Leader Colour What colour of leader material works best for salmon fishing in Scotland? A short clip highlighting why we should pay more attention to our leader colour when fishing certain pools in different weather conditions. Click here for more videos

Kelt Reconditioning

Kelt reconditioning – I would encourage every angler to visit the hugely impressive unit at Almondbank on the river Tay. In late April we took a group of Norwegian students to the hatchery and were given a fascinating talk by the head of the project, Dr David Summers. Having the […]

Canoeing and Salmon Fishing

Canoeing and Salmon Fishing A recent visit to a certain Spey beat has left me in no doubt of the detrimental effect of the above on a salmon beat. Given almost perfect conditions we had this past week, a three foot rise the week before, followed by a dropping and […]

30lb Salmon

Fishing in Norway

Fishing in Norway 2015 Our hosted fishing trip to the Winsnes beat on the Gaula river is over for another year, leaving us to reflect on what, weather and water wise, was a difficult week, but when it came to fish, once again, the river came up with the goods. […]

River Lochy Fishpal

River Lochy Fishpal. Having just returned from a nice couple of days on the River Lochy courtesy of Fishpal, I have to say, irrespective of the fish not playing ball, I enjoyed the experience and will return to the Lochy for sure. The river was low and with the unusually […]

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It’s all about numbers! 1

Mixed Stock Netting It’s all about numbers! – I received two e mails today, one, from the NASF, the other from the S&TA (Scotland), both expressing their delight at the buying out of the netting station on the salmon netting station at Lauriston on the South Esk, nets which declared […]