Tulchan River Spey

Tulchan is Salmon Fishing Heaven. Fished and made famous by some of the most famous salmon fishers of the past Tulchan can only be described as the Jewel in the Crown of Salmon Fishing on the Spey.


A Mid/Upper beat situated around 30 miles from the sea, it has four beats, each of which fishes 6 rods and is around 2 miles long. 

All are double bank fisheries and situated in an extremely scenic part of the river.  Fresh salmon can be caught during every month of the year [Feb - Sept] but Tulchan is a great choice for people fishing the Spring and Summer months. 

The facilities at Tulchan are the best on the river, 5 star in every way. Warm well-appointed hut all with flushing toilets, cooking and washing facilities. I have a number of dates for 2023. Fishing is with fly only and each beat has a full-time ghillie. 



Please contact for more information.

Each beat has a full-time Ghillie, fishing hut with flushing toilet.

Tulchan A Beat - 6 rods fished primarily from the right bank. 

Tulchan B Beat 6 rods fished primarily from the left bank. 

Tulchan C Beat 6 Rods fished primarily from the left bank.

Tulchan D Beat - 6 rods fished Primarily from the left bank


We have a number of dates during 2023. 

Please contact us here for details.

Tulchan River Spey
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