Fishing In Norway

Fishing in Norway

The best place for big Salmon

Nowhere in the world offers you a better chance of catching a "Big 30 pound + Salmon" than in Norway. However, as with salmon fishing here in the UK, there are certain times and places that will increase your chances.  

Ian Gordon and his team have fished and hosted weeks fishing in both the Gaula and Orkla rivers as well as personally fishing the Namsen and most famous Alta river. 

Like all Norwegian rivers, the season is short, but as will all other rivers, the "peak" season for catching a "Big Fish" is even shorter. 

Ian's hosted weeks are hand picked on the best places at the best times.

Follow the links to hosted fishing where Ian and his team will help you with all aspects of your fishing during a week of fishing and fun.  


River Gaula Salmon Storlax

Gaula Flyfishing Lodge has control of some very nice pools directly above and just below the Gaulfossen [a narrow race of water and natural temperature barrier to salmon]. The lodge is run on self-catering basis, like many others, is basic and comfortable. 

This has one of the best fishing rotations on the Gaula and has a number of nice pools. We will fish the four rod beat with 3 rods giving those fishing a much better chance of a good sized fish. Click below for more details.

Gaula RIver Norway Hosted Fishing

NFC week 31 Exclusive fishing on the River Gaula 1st - 8th August 2021

 We are pleased to arrange something I’ve had my eye on for some time, securing a week for 18 guests, 14 in the main lodge and 4 in the house with Tom and I.  

 Normally fished with 22 rods, this is without a doubt the finest lodge and most varied salmon fishing on the whole of the river. We have 2 places remaining 

Samon Fishing In Norway

Aunan lodge, once owned by ex Liverpool football player and passionate fly fisherman Vegard Heggam, has been sold and is now owned and run By Erik Lier. The wonderful lodge with space for 12 rods with 17 of the nicest fly fishing pools you're ever likely to find.. The combined river stretch is about 5.5km, providing a length and variation that is rarely seen on Norwegian salmon rivers.