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Salmon Fishing 

Salmon Fishing in Scotland, Iceland and Norway

Salmon fishing has long been regarded by many as a sport of the privileged, extremely expensive and very difficult to find. Whilst this may have been the case up until around the 1980s. Certainly, by the mid-1990s, this had totally changed with fishing becoming available throughout the world and in some cases not overly expensive.  

Having said this, its generally accepted that salmon fishing ther world over get more expensive as the chances of actually catching a fish increase. 


On what is probably the most famous salmon river in the world, The River Spey, prices range from £30 per day to fish on a private beat with a ghillie in the early less productive part of the season, to around £350 per rod day for the same at the best time. 


In Iceland, the price of a rod is much higher, up to £1500 per day. This reflects the countries very short fishing season and generally very good salmon fishing.  


In Norway, what you pay for salmon fishing depends on where and when you're fishing. Some of the best rivers, such as the Alta, simply cannot be accessed, at any cost! Whilst other rivers, such as Gaula can be fished for prices very similar to what we find on the Spey above. Norway is famed for its large salmon or Storlaks.  

The kola Peninsula in Russia now provides the best fishing opportunities for catching wild Atlantic Salmon anywhere in the world. Prices here vary but are generally quite expensive. A week fishing on the Ponoi River with guides and full board will set you back £12,000 per week whilst fishing The Varzuga River may cost £7000 for the week. 

Each country has a different fishing culture too. Some like the 'full-on" nature of fishing in Iceland with their technically very good guides, whilst others like the remoteness of the Russian Rivers. Then Scottish rivers have the best infrastructure and are easier to access than any of the above. Each has its own appeal and offers the Salmon Angler different sets of challenges. 

Salmon Fishing Trips 

I have long personal associations with some of the most reliable Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout fisheries throughout Scotland, Norway and Russia. My long list of repeat customers is a testimony to me finding only the best fishing solutions for my future customers and their personal requirements.

Finding "QUALITY" prime time, salmon fishing on the is generally difficult, however, over the years I have built up good relationships with most key private estate and can offer some of the Top Fishing Weeks on some of the best fishing beats on the best rivers. 

We also host Salmon Fishing Trips all those countries providing top-level service to all our visiting clients 

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Tulchan B Beat River Spey


3, 6 or even 9 days fishing, offering the finest guiding and teaching service. 

Our Hosted fishing weeks or half weeks see me join the beat ghillie or ghillies on those private beats, offering my coaching, experienced guiding services as well as advice on current fishing tackle to the group.


We run those hosted weeks during May and September here on the Spey and Tay, as well as June and July in Norway and Iceland

Hosted fishing trips can be booked for 3, 6 or even 9 days fishing, offering the finest guiding and teaching service. 


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