Gaula Flyfishing Lodge 

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience primetime fishing for "Big Fresh Salmon" in Norway on the river Gaula with Ian Gordon - Speyonline.

Speyonline is introducing a Hosted Salmon Fishing package​ for 2020 

  • Dreamt about Salmon fishing in Norway but don't know enough about where and when?

  • Our package offers you a great chance to give yourself a fighting chance of catching a fish of a lifetime - knowing that fish up to 40lb plus are running at this time of year! 

  • Enjoy the best fishing and casting coaching you will find anywhere in the world!

  • Spend quality time relaxing and having fun fishing in a great environment? 

  • Have a stress free holiday, you will be picked up and dropped at the airport and spend as much or
    as little time as you want (remember its almost 24hrs daylight at this time of year)!

Gaula Salmon Speyonline
Speyonline  Fishing Holidays

This year, along with my assistant Tom, I will host a cracking early season package on the River Gaula in Norway.  Gaula Fly Fishing Lodge - 13th - 20th June 2020 


The system works really well and the positioning of the beat within the river makes for an excellent choice for fishing, particularly during the month of June when the river remains high and cold.

The reason for this is, given the conditions in early June with 150 Cubic Meters [m3] flow and water temperatures below 7oC, fish tend to stay below the Gaulfoss, a natural temperature barrier 10k further upstream. This means that the early salmon, many of which are the really big fish, tend to be caught in pools below the foss.    


June on the Gaula is all about big fresh salmon but knowing which part of the river to be on is essential. If your goal is to catch one of those fish and are happy with:


  • Self-catering - combined with chancing my cooking!

  • Fishing hard with sinking lines in high water.

  • Having a cast with a spinning rod [Nedre Kasen] in a couple of difficult/deep, but very fishy places.

  • The chance of being hauled downstream by a huge fish.

  • Having a little help with your casting and fishing techniques. 

Then this will be the trip for you!

The beat has a nice house around 150 meters from the beat, making the whole thing very easy and no need for an expensive hire car as we will pick you up and drop you at the airport. This said, in Norway, nothing is cheap and those looking to do self-catering should budget around £50 per day for food and drinks. 


The beat owner can arrange a hot meal to be served in the fishing hut by the river should the weather be favorable. Remember at this time in this part of Norway you have 24 hours daylight. 


The house sleeps 6 people but has only one bathroom. However, it's very comfortable and warm. This trip would be ideal for a group of four friends who want to experience fishing the river at a time where, although not 100s, you have a serious chance of a really big fish.


Fishing can be with both fly and spinning, so it will suit people who enjoy a crack with a spinner too.  


Gaula Fly Fishing Lodge (GFFL) –  


Situated just below the town of Storen and around 20 minutes drive upstream of Kasen GFFL is a six-beat rotational salmon fishery. The varied nature of the pools means it has something to offer everyone. The main accommodation at Hage House, is around 2km upstream of the Gaulfoss and the fishery has pools both above and below the foss, a good insurance policy for us should the river be overly warm or low. Basically it means that no matter what conditions we have, we will have a decent chance of running into some good fish. 


The rotational beats are each fished by four rods. Shorter than Kasen, beats here are typically Norwegian in that they are beautiful, classic salmon pools but more people fishing than in Scotland. This said pools in this area of the river are some of the nicest and most productive on the Gaula. Between the two beats, we feel we have a contrast that makes for the perfect salmon fishing solution. The best of all worlds. 


We have 4 places available on each of those trips. It would very much lend itself to a group of friends. See Gaula Fly Fishing Lodge  Accommodation on YouTube HERE 

Please contact me for pricing and further details. Or, Book your Trip and claim your £700 discount  HERE

Images of Accommodation 

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