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Last Minute Fishing 


13th - 14th April Thurs/Friday £70 per rod day

29th June - 1st July x 8 Rods £150 per rod day - Call Dougie on 07767886126

Gordon Castle - Tuesday 11th April - £100pr

Deveronside Tuition Including accommodation 1st - 3rd May - x 1 Rod

Middle Spey Beat 15th - 17th May x 4 rods £160 per rod

Tulchan C Beat 15th - 17th June x 2 rods 

Tulchan A Beat 28th - 29th June x 1 Rod

Blanda River Iceland  8th - 12th July x 2 rods

Blanda River Iceland  16th - 20th July x 1 Rod

Blanda River Iceland 20th - 24th July x 1 Rod

Please contact me Here For further details or Whatsapp me a message on 07786120436 

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