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Introductory Casting Courses  

Casting and Salmon fishing Courses on the Spey 2023

Tulchan B Beat Fishing Hut 

Introduction to Speycasting and Salmon Fishing 2024


Three-day course with Ian focuses on the basics required for fly fishing for salmon and takes place on a beautiful facility on the River Spey in February and March. 


Although aimed at novices, the course provides the perfect platform for those who fish once or twice annually and are looking for a tune-up at the beginning of their fishing season also the chance to fish in one of Scotlands most beautiful rivers at the same time. Also, for those whisky lovers, why not kill two birds with one stone by touring a distillery and tasting some of the great whisky's they have on offer. 


Beginners will learn - 


  • The principles of casting with a double-handed rod with a floating line.•

  • Overhead Cast.

  • Roll Cast.

  • Jump Roll or Switch Cast.


  • Basic Watercraft 

  • Salmon Fishing Etiquette 

  • Basic Knots

  • Picking the correct fly

  • Correct Tackle Choice

  • Playing/Landing Salmon


Those early courses focus on casting, development of a good basic technique, so building a foundation you can carry forward, thus enjoying all your salmon fishing in the future.


Although this particular course incorporates group sessions and demonstrations from myself, those are 15 - 20 minutes long and take place twice per day [first thing and after lunch]. The remainder of the time you're casting tuition is delivered to you out on a one to one basis.

So no matter what your level, beginner or, more seasoned caster looking for a pre-season tune-up, the course will focus very much on your personal requirements.

I will be accompanied by the beat Ghillie, Roddy Stronach. Roddy is the head Ghillie at Tulchan, a true professional, great ghillie, and enthusiastic salmon fisher. He will help me with all the logistics required to make this a pleasurable, interesting, and informative few days on the 5-star double bank Tulchan Beat of the River Spey.

I can supply newcomers with all the equipment required so no need to bring any equipment with you. I will assess your technique and advice on the right rod, reel, and line for your personal requirements. 


Learning to fish and cast can be great fun and catching a fish the icing on the cake.


If you want to learn to fly-cast a fly in 2023 or simply would like to come and have a pre-season tune-up on one of Scotland's top rivers or would like any further information, please contact us below.

We will also run more courses on a few different beats on the Spey and Dee in 2023

Provisional Dates and Venues for 2024 Introductory Courses will appear here in due course. 

Contact Me Here for more details 

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