Gaula River Norway

Gaula Flyfishing Lodge

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience primetime fishing for "Big Fresh Salmon" in Norway on the river Gaula with Ian Gordon - Speyonline.

 Salmon Fishing package​ for 2021 

Date - 3rd - 10th July 2021

  • Dreamt about Salmon fishing in Norway but don't know enough about where and when?

  • Our package offers you a great chance to give yourself a fighting chance of catching a fish of a lifetime - knowing that fish up to 40lb plus are running at this time of year! 

  • Spend quality time relaxing and having fun fishing in a great environment? 

The Gaula is a big river with a flow similar to, but greater than that of the River Spey. The fishery can be defined by three different parts, the lower [bloew the Gaulfossen], Middle, from Gaulfossen to Singsas and upper above this. The character of the lower part is like that of the Spey, wide pools with long shingle banks with fairly easy wading. The middle part, although similar to the lower, is rockier by nature and has some very good deep holding pools. The upper part is much rockier and has some terrific holding pools. 
Where and When is the best time to go?
"Generally speaking", you can break the river into 3 again. Below the Gaulfossen on the lower river in June. Middle and upper part after this. If large "fresh' salmon is your target, the best weeks on the lower river are the first 3 in June, possibly the last week of the month too if the river is still cold. The best time in the middle and upper part is the last in June till the last in July. August can also be good given good water conditions. Everything centers around the fish passing over the Gaulfossen and this is determined by weather, water and snow conditions. 
What I would say is ALWAYS seek advice if booking this river. 

New Hosted Trip 2020

13th - 20th June - We will host a trip to the  Fishmaster beat at Gaula Flyfishing Lodge on the River Gaula. 

The set up at Gaula Flyfishing Lodge is Ideal for those looking to fish hard during their holiday. Unlike other lodges on the Gaula where you will find guides and owners in the rotation fishing your pools, this is very well run by Jouni and Martin, the camp owner and manager. It has a good variation of pools, well-managed rotation, meaning rods know exactly what to expect. Some rotations are small/short for 4 rods but this is typically Norwegian. It suits a group of friends going to Norway to enjoy fun and fishing. 

We will fish 3.5 days on one [Saturday 4pm until Tuesday 12pm] on one before swapping with the group on the other beat. 

Fishing begins at 4pm on Saturday 13th finishing at 10am on Saturday 20th June.  

The trip will be self-catering. The accommodation is shared but spacious. However, there are restaurants around 2km away in the town of Storen. There are also very good supermarkets and bakery's 


This trip offers a big variation in pools both above and below the Gaulfoss. This is important at this time as the Gaulfoss is a natural temperature barrier for salmon running the Gaula. In early July 2019, fish normally caught in the lower pools below the Foss, passed through the waterfall and into the upper river.  Whilst the majority of pools are above the Gaulfoss the beat has also taken on one of the pools directly below the foss. This will ensure that no matter what the condition of the river, there will be a chance of catching one of those big Gaula salmon during the week.  


Why early July?

Early July on the Gaula is all about big fresh salmon. If it's your goal to catch one of those fish, don't mind -

Please click on the word files below for much more detailed information regarding the fishmaster beat and what to pack. 

We have 3 places available on this trips. It would very much lend itself to a group of friends. 

Please contact me HERE for pricing and further details.

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