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The Blanda River, Iceland

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Fishing the Blanda River with Ian Gordon

Treat yourself to a real chance of catching a salmon on one of our friendly hosted fishing trips 

Our Hosted fishing Blanda River 2023

Blanda Dates 2023

When targeting Salmon, Sea Trout and Arctic Char, Iceland offers some of the best fishing in the world. Rivers come in all shapes and sizes, from small streams fished easily with single-handed rods to rivers the size of the River Dee in Scotland. The amazing landscape is home to a very stable population of salmon and we are delighted to be associated with one of the country's premier fishing rivers and lodges. 


If your aim is to catch a big Icelandic Salmon then Blanda
provides one of the best chances on the Island

The Blanda is a glacial river and is fed by a lake which is used for Hydro power. It is big by Icelandic standards, with extremely varied pools.  Situated in the north coast of Iceland and around a 3-hour drive from Reykjavik, it is a river providing the visiting angler with an exceptionally good chance of double figured salmon. Whilst Iceland has a reputation for anglers catching many, small salmon, this is not the case on Blanda where the average size of salmon caught throughout the season is like that found on the Spey in May and June. 
The Blanda river is well known for producing some of the biggest salmon in Iceland, with MSW fish of 12 – 15 lbs matching the number of grilse caught. Indeed, our hosted trips in 2021 and 22, have seen a heavier average than our last trip to Norway, with several fish of 20lbs + landed as well as some epic encounters.  
The river itself is unlike most Icelandic rivers in that, it’s a river the size of the Scottish Dee, a lovely size to fish with the double handed rod but without being overly big.  
We have all the rods 8th - 24th July, the key part of the season for good sized and increasing numbers of fish and will have all rods in 8th - 16th August 2023.  

 The river is glacial fed and each year, normally sometime after 25th of August, but sometimes earlier and in other years later, depending on the amount of snow and summer sun, the lake at the top goes into overflow, turning the river a milky colour and making it unfishable.  
However, the weeks prior to this overflow [as they refer to it locally] fishing can be very good indeed. What are the causes of this overflow?  
The river has a lake at the top of the system and dam, once the lake is full of melting water or rain, it overflows. This in mind, local anglers begin to keep an eye on how much snow there has been and how late in the year the thaw begins as this gives an idea of when the fishing will be blown out.  
History would suggest this will be sometime after the 20th August. However, the last two seasons has seen no overflow at all leading to decent fishing until around this time. This in mind it means we can offer some fishing in August and be fairly confident the river will fish well. This being the case it will provide us with some good fishing in early to mid-August.
We will fish two periods in August 23, the 8th  -12th and 12th - 16th.. On the latter we also have the rods on the Svarta river, which is the main tributary and joins the Blanda around 2 miles above the Lodge. This is not affected by overflow and will be running clear at this time. This river is more typically Icelandic and easily covered with a switch or single handed rod, whilst salmon fishing on the Blanda River is done with 13 - 15 foot rods. For those who like to vary their fishing, as well as by this time a great run of salmon, the Svarta also has some of the most wonderful Brown Trout and Arctic Char Fishing, with some specimen trout to be caught on dry fly and nymphs. 

Whilst late July rods fishing this river at the prime time is expensive. The main reason for this is the whole river is normally fished with 8 rods over the 40km, making it one of the most exclusive salmon fisheries in Iceland.  

We can offer the following dates in July 2023

8th - 12th July x 2 Rods Available

16th - 20th July x 1 Rod Available


We can offer the following dates in August 2023 at a very good rate.  
Fishing the full river on 10 rods full board with transfers and guide between two anglers - 
8th – 12th  August - Cancellation - 2 rods Available 

12th - 16th - Full
We will do this based on 10 people who will be catered for in the Blanda Lodge. The service includes full board, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Alcohol is extra but you may bring and drink your own in the lodge. In the unlikely event of the river going into overflow, then we have some of the most amazing Trout and Char fishing to offer as a backup. One way or another you will have the most wonderful time with a great chance of catching decent numbers of salmon in the most amazing river and, given Iceland's standards, at a great rate.


 Contact me here for pricing 

Not included in the full Board Package are - 

Flights are around £300 from the UK.  

Hotel in Reykjavík - Around £120 per night. We recommend you overnight the day before and after your fishing. As the fishing is very expensive it can be frustrating to lose a session due to delays or changes.

Transfers from the airport to town - Around £20 in the Greyline bus (very easy), or £120 in a cab.   

House Wine - This can be expensive, £80 per bottle, however, the Lodge is happy for you to drink your own.  


We take care of you from the hotel to the lodge (3 hour drive). You are picked up between 10 and 11 on the morning of your first days fishing, taken to the lodge for around 2pm with a few to begin fishing at 4/5.  

Your final session fishing is on the morning of your departure day. You will finish at 1pm, have lunch and taken back to your hotel.  Graph showing current levels Vatnshæð Blöndulóns - Orka úr 100% endurnýjanlegum orkugjöfum
August packages,
 Contact me here for pricing 

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