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Wild and hard fighting salmon. 

When targeting Salmon, Sea Trout and Arctic Char, Iceland offers some of the best fishing in the world. Rivers come in all shapes and sizes, from small streams fished easily with single-handed rods to rivers the size of the River Dee in Scotland. The amazing landscape is home to a very stable population of salmon and we are delighted to be associated with one of the countries premier fishing rivers and lodges. 


Blanda August Fishing 2022

Fishing on the upper Blanda in August 2022 


The Blanda river is a unique rivers system, big by Icelandic standards, with extremely varied pools.  

Situated in the north coast of Iceland and around a 3 hour drive from Reykjavik, its a river providing the visiting angler with a very good chance of double figured salmon. Whilst Iceland has a reputation for anglers catching many, mainly small salmon, this is not the case on Blanda where the average size of salmon caught throughout the season is similar to that found on the Spey. 


The river is glacial fed and each year, normally around the end of August, but sometimes earlier and in other years later, depending on the amount of snow and summer sun, the lake at the top goes into overflow, turning the pristine river a milky colour and making it unfishable.  

However, the weeks before the overflow [as they refer to it locally] fishing can be very good indeed. What are the causes of this overflow?  

The river has a lake at the top of the system and dam, once the lake is full of melting water or rain, it overflows. This in mind, local anglers begin to keep an eye on how much snow there has been and how late in the year the thaw begins as this gives a good idea of when the fishing will be blown out.  

This year [2022], the lake is 4 meters lower than normal for this time, something which suggests there may be a good chance the lake won’t be filled to overflow until well into September.  All this in mind it means we can offer some fishing later into August and be sure the river will fish. This being the case it will provide us with some really good fishing in mid to late August.  


Late July rods fishing this river at the prime time will cost £1600 per day and £2200 for a shared rod. The river is normally fished with 8 rods over the 40km, making it one of the most exclusive fisheries in Iceland.

Graph showing current levels Vatnshæð Blöndulóns - Orka úr 100% endurnýjanlegum orkugjöfum

August packages, Sog & Blanda

  • Top notch double handed salmon fishing in Iceland.

  • Blanda - Sog combinations, 4-5 days fishing all-inclusive at affordable rates.

  • Sog is gin clear and beautiful double handed water, very optimistic that we will be seeing the nets coming off the river shortly.

  • Blanda fishing is fantastic in August/September but suffers from uncertainty due to the hydro and potential overflow which makes the river unfishable.  

  • With our new catch & release policy salmon are all spread out throughout the river in the month of August/September. 

  • Due to the hydro, there is a risk involved, however in exchange it is very high value fishing for the price.

  • Last season the river went on overflow on August 22nd

  • However, this year, status: March 19th, the lagoon is 3.31m lower than the previous season (same time). This is significant.  https://www.landsvirkjun.is/vatnshaed-blondulons. Blue is the water level from last season, purple is the current level at this very moment. As you know we do have plenty of snow in Iceland at the moment, however up North-West in the Blanda river area we in fact have less snow than last year. It also explains why locals have already booked Blanda Beat IV late into the season. We indeed are very excited for this summer.

Because of what we are seeing with conditions, we are confident that this year the river won't go into overflow until at least the beginning of September, leaving us with at least two weeks more fishing and because this is a bonus, we can offer the following – 


Fishing the full river on 6 rods full board with transfers and guide between two anglers - 



We will do this based on 6 people because, in the unlikely event of the river going into overflow, then we have some of the most amazing Trout and Char fishing to offer as a backup. One way or another you will have the most wonderful time with a great chance of catching decent numbers of salmon in the most amazing river.  


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Due to a 2 week spell of maintenance in the turbines, the dam was closed and has filled up in the spring of 2022. This has made fishing in August more risky than previously thought earlier in the spring.

Please contact me here if you would like any further information on our hosted fishing in Iceland.  






























Hosted Salmon Fishing Ian Gordon Speyonline
Pat Machray
En Suite Bed Room on big Laxa
Icelandic Brown Trout
Its not just Grilse. Laxa Produces more 20lb salmon than any river in Iceland
Playing a strong Salmon on the Laxa River
Ian Gordon Landing a Salmon
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