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Castle Grant River Spey

Castle Grant Fishing's 2024 

I am delighted to announce that I have acquired and will host some very nice Fishing on the River Spey at Castle Grant in 2024 and beyond.    

Castle Grant Number 2 Beat

is one of the best beats on the River Spey. The mix of 10 exceptionally good pools provide anglers with so much variation and lots of room for the 6 rods fishing.  

This is one of the nicest beats on the river where, given decent conditions and a few fish, I know will provide anglers with a good chance of catching a salmon. Especially during the weeks we have.
Accommodation can be easily found in the nearby town of Grantown which is 10 minutes drive for the beats. 
The Fishing huts have flushing toilets, good gas cooking facilities and a rod room.

Access to both the beat and once you are there, the pools, is first class. For anyone looking to fish the Spey and have a fantastic experience on the river this spring, I would highly recommend this fishing.  

The beat has a full time ghillie who will also be on hand to help people and point them in the right direction. I for one am really looking forward to those days.
Anyone wishing to join me or would like further information please get in touch using the contact below.

The Fishing Dates on Number 2 beat are as follows 

 8th - 10th April Full 

11th - 13th April - Full

Fishing is over 3 or 6 days. Mon - Wed, Thurs - Sat or full week.
I will be on hand to provide everyone with some good coaching on both casting and fishing.

3rd - 5th June Full

6th - 8th June Full

Fishing is over 3 or 6 days. Mon - Wed, Thurs - Sat or full week. 
This is a hosted week where we have Inverallan lodge fully catered and I will host the fishing all week. 

Castle Grant Number 3 Beat

20th - 22nd June 24 
2 Rods Available

Fishing is over 3 days Thurs - Sat
This is a week where we have 5 rods but will fish the beat with only 4 
Guests need to find their own accommodation nearby. This is one of the best Sea Trout weeks of the year and the beat can be great fun to fish in the mornings and evenings. I will be here for all 3 days and fishing for Sea Trout at night. It really does offer a great opportunity to enjoy Speyside in all its splendour at what is for me, the absolute best time to be here. 

Castle grant Number 2 Beat
Polwick Castle grant 3
Castle Grant Fishing Hut

Castle Grant Number 3 Beat -
Hosted Fishing 20th - 22nd June 24

Is one of the Best Sea Trout Fishing Beats on the river. The main reason for this is it has one of the most famous pools on the river too. Along with Polarder and the Junction, Polwick makes up the top 3 Sea Trout pools on the River. It's a fantastic deep pool holding many fish during low water in the summertime. The fish move into the neck and drop back into the tail of the pool in the evening making for some of the most exciting fishing for both salmon and sea trout in Scotland. The beat is a 5 rod beat but in June we will fish it with only four.  
















The reason for this is that it provides those fishing with a much better chance of catching a fish or two and no matter how low the river goes, we will always have enough space for all rods.  
The beat has a great fulltime Ghillie, Simon Crozier. Simon is one of the most experienced and best on the river. Anyone taking a rod here at this time will have a fun time. The beat also has particularly good access to all pools.  
This fishing is going to be sold on a first come first serve basis with whoever taking the rods this year being offered next.  

Contact me by email here  
Or fill in the contact form here   

Greenbank Castle Grant.JPG
River Spey Castle Grant 3
Inverallan House Dining Room
Manse Pool Castle Grant
Inverallan House
Castle Grant.JPG
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