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Bonaventure River Canada

Bonaventure River

Bonaventure 11th - 19th August 2024

I first visited Bonaventure in 2013 and promised myself, if there's one thing i need to do in salmon fishing its to come back here and catch a fish on a dead drifted fly. I've waited for 10 years to find the right slot for this and finally, its come. In 2024  will host a 7 day fishing trip to dry fly paradise. 


Bonaventure is most definitely the clearest river I have ever seen where much of the guides work is spotting and placing his rod over the fish. I would describe as a hunting fishers paradise. Its gin clear waters are best fished in August with small flies or a dead drifted Bomber on a floating Guides on this river really know their stuff and although there is much public access, guides from those private camps know it like the back of their hand and are a must if you want to be successful. 

The river is split into 5 different zones, A through to E, with the upper part E fished by those who’s name comes from a lottery only, which, given the fact you will be only one of 4 people fishing 8 miles of incredible water. Zones C and D are public water and can be busy during August, however, those hiring a local guide will be amazed at the scope of pools on offer here and for me, even more than the private water, was the pick of the river.


Fly fishing for salmon with dry flies on the Bonaventure River in August can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The Bonaventure River, located in Quebec, Canada, is known for its pristine waters and good numbers of  Atlantic salmon. 


In August, the river is typically at its peak for dry fly salmon fishing. The water levels are usually lower, making it easier to spot fish and target them with flies on the surface. 


The Bonaventure River is known for its clear waters, which allows anglers to see the salmon as they rise to the surface to take the fly. This visual aspect adds to the thrill and excitement of the fishing experience. It requires careful observation and precise casting to present the fly in a natural and enticing manner. 


When fly fishing for salmon with dry flies on the Bonaventure River in August, it is important to choose the right patterns that match the insects or bugs present at that time. Common dry fly patterns used for salmon fishing include Bombers, Green Machines, and Muddlers. 


The Bonaventure River is catch-and-release only, meaning all salmon caught must be released back into the water. This conservation measure helps maintain the salmon population and ensures sustainable fishing for future generations. 


Overall, fly fishing for salmon with dry flies on the Bonaventure River in August offers a unique and thrilling angling experience. The combination of clear waters, abundant salmon, and the visual aspect of dry fly fishing makes it a popular destination for fly anglers from around the world. 

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