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Salmon Fishing Trips – Hosted and Non Hosted in Scotland

I have long personal associations with some of the most reliable Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout fisheries throughout Scotland. My long list of repeat customers is testimony to me finding only the best fishing solutions for my customers and their personal requirements.

I am based on the River Spey and its here I begin my year with customers in February, organising fishing for both individuals, groups and corporate guests until the river closes in September. As the UK’s top salmon fishing river, finding quality fishing on the Spey is generally difficult, however, over the years I have built up good relationships with and have fishing from most key private estates such as Tulchan, Knockando, Gordon Castle, Wester Elchies, Castle Grant, Macallan and Orton. Those undoubtedly provide the best fishing here on the River Spey.

Unlike much fishing in Scotland, Quality (prime time) Fishing on the Spey tends to be booked in advance and generally needs to be booked the year before you would like to fish.

The fishing I have is split into 2 categories – Hosted and Non Hosted.

My Hosted fishing weeks or half weeks see me join the beat ghillie or ghillies on those private beats, offering my coaching, experienced guiding services as well as advice on current fishing tackle to the group. I run those hosted week during May and September here on the Spey and June and July in Norway and Russia.

Non Hosted fishing on a private beat will see you or your group looked after by the beat ghillie or ghillies. Those guys have a wealth of experience on their individual beats. There are generally one ghillie to four guests and suit very well experienced groups or individuals. Those weeks are organised on many Scottish rivers as well as with my partners abroad.

I also cater for non fishing guests laying on some of the best and memorable tours guided some of the greatest characters in Scotland.

Although not as plentiful as the heady days of the past, Scotland can still boast very good quality Salmon weighing on average around 12 – 13lbs or around 6 – 6.5kgs, in April, May and June, a figure which over the past 30 years has remained constant during this early period of the season. Although we also catch ample large salmon of over 12kg on the fly; in Scotland, and certainly Speyonline, we tend to focus on what is typical and not the exception. This is also a major reason why people like to come back!

Salmon Fishing History

Our history of sport fishing is also steeped in tradition which has created a culture which, by contrast to those around us, would appear to be “unique”! Our well regulated and policed system has ensured the long term sustainability of our Salmon Fishing through their natural, long and short term highs and lows. Salmon Fishing in Scotland is not about having to fish every hour god sends in order to catch a fish: it is a holiday where you can also relax and spend time socialising with your group of colleagues or friends. If you require accommodation or fishing tackle for your fishing trip check some options here.

River Spey Tulchan

Eight miles of river offers a rich variety of sport in the beautiful setting of Tulchan Estate. The four beats, each limited to six rods, are tended by the expert care of their own ghillie. On the banks, luxurious cabins provide rest and relaxation for fishermen, their families and non-fishing guests. A five star experience.

Hosted Fishing Trips

Hosted Fishing Trips in Scotland

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